Toys that Encourage Language Development

Next week is Christmas! But these tips are great year round when shopping for toys that are great for language development!

1- Blocks – This toy is great for teaching cause and effect, colors, shapes and problem solving. Check out the blocks from Lovevery:

2- Farm House– This toy can teach animals, encourage animal sounds that can be a building block for early language sounds, and help with position words.  Melissa and Doug products are always a great place to start.  Here is a good choice:

3- Memory Card Games- Start off with no more than 10 matches for younger kids, and depending on the cards, you can discuss actions, colors, shapes, body parts, answering and asking questions, etc.  Matching cards can also help with memory and problem solving skills. Here is a nice set from Banana Panda:

4- Kitchen set– This timeless toy allow hours of fun. Imaginative play can be a natural way to grow language. Here is a great set from Lifestyle Kitchen:

5- Dolls/ Action Figures- This is another toy that allows hours of endless imaginative play.  Specifically, subjects such as body parts and clothes are a just a few categories kids can develop language in.

What toys should I add to the list? Let me know by commenting below.



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