It’s election season, but this isn’t a political post.

Brayden Harrington, a 13-year-old boy, approached the former vice president a few months ago, because Mr. Biden overcame childhood stuttering. Through that encounter, they began a friendship around their stutter similarities.  Brayden, who happens to stutter took the national stage to give what some journalists reported as “the most powerful 2 minutes of the Democratic National Convention”.

I became a little emotional watching him as people who stutter often have a fear of speaking in front of audiences, let alone speaking to strangers, because their anxiety can increase the frequency of the stutter. If he had allowed his stuttering to hinder him from approaching Candidate Biden, he may not have had the opportunity to inspire others who may stutter, be on international TV, or a part of history. Imagine what this opportunity could mean for his future!

It made me think about the fear or insecurities I have that are hindering me from achieving more in my own life. To be candid, a few things came to mind, which I will keep private for now, but I decided this month, I will take steps to overcome at least one insecurity.

Will you join Brayden, in doing something to overcome an irrational fear this month? Just start with one step. You never know where it may take you, and how it can help others.

Let me know your thoughts below!




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