LittoLingo has a Free Webinar entitled ” Decreasing Parental Stress while Increasing your Children’s Language and Positioning them for Academic and Social Success

Did you know, parental knowledge is one of, if not the BIGGEST factor influencing most delayed children’s language? YOU can be taught how to improve your child’s language in no time! Join me online, it’s FREE! I want to teach parents like you how to IMPROVE your kids language with very easy skills that are tried and true and research based!


It is taught by a Nationally Certified Speech Language Pathologist with close to a decade and a half of getting language delayed children talking and coaching their parents along the way. I want to empower and equip parents with tried and true methods to get their children talking.


Click on the link here to learn about the next one:



Sign up TODAY to reserve your spot!


Let’s meet online!


See you soon! 


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