What is late talker?

A child between 18 months to 2 years of age who does not have at least 50 spoken words

Is your community only for parents of late talkers?

It is not. LittoLingo’s online community is for ANY parent or caregiver who wants to be knowledgeable about improving their child’s language.

My child is already in spech therapy, how can this help?

LittoLingo’s online course and community will only enhance the speech therapy your child is receiving. You are with your child more than the speech therapist and know him or her best. You can be taught the tools to enhance your child’s language by incorporating LittoLingo’s tried and true methods at home.

I am currently on the waitlist for speech therapy. Does your program have a waitlist?

Nope! LittoLingo is happy to help.

How long do I have access to the course and community once i purchase membership?

Forever! We know at LittoLingo, parents are busy and may have evolving concerns and questions regarding their child’s language. There is unlimited support online for you once you join. We are here to support you in enhancing your child’s language.

What are the long term benefits of receiving help from LittoLingo?

Research has shown time and time again that parents who receive training on language development have children who have more advanced language than children whose parents do not receive education. Young children who do not have the proper support for language development are more likely to have lower grades in school, lower standardized test scores, and more run-ins with authority figures such as principals and the POLICE!

My child has Autism, can LittoLingo help me with my little one?

Yes, of course! No matter a child’s current ability, an active member of LittoLingo’s community will positively impact their child’s language ability.

Should I sign up for LittoLingo's course instead of putting my child in speech therapy?

It is best to have your child fully evaluated by a speech and language pathologist to make that decision. Littolingo supports parents and caregivers in educating them to improve and increase their child’s language no matter if the child receives speech therapy or not.

Won't my child eventually talk like other kids his or her age?

There is no way to tell, but waiting to see should not be an option. Although many children who are late talkers catch up, many continue to need extra help as they age. Also late talkers may appear to catch up in language, but as they age and enter school, there may be areas of difficulty in various academic areas. Parents who chose to not get all the help available are exposing their child to academic and social risks that may affect them long into the future. It is important you get help as soon as possible and LittoLingo is here to help.

I am having difficulty with insurance paying for my child's speech therapy, do you accept insurance?

LittoLingo does not accept insurance at this time. Our mission is to help parents in an economical way to get their kids talking without the hassle of insurance

Does LittoLingo have other resources in addition to the course?

We do! Use this link to access our Newsletter, communication checklist, Facebook group, and other reliable resources: https://linktr.ee/LittoLingo

What will I get with the membership in LittoLingo?

*MEMBERS ONLY Intimate private online community for parental SUPPORT *LIVE Online Q&A with a speech and language pathologist *UNLIMITED Question and Answer Sessions with a Speech Language Pathologist *Additional EXCLUSIVE lessons monthly to improve your knowledge to help your child REACH developmental milestones TIMELY *Access to all content to view at your LEISURE *LIFETIME access to the community and courses *COMFORT that you are receiving support from trained and certified professionals