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Should I Talk to my Friend About their Child Who I think May Have Autism?

This is a question I get all the time!   This can be a difficult subject to discuss. You do not want to offend your friend or relative, but you also have the best intentions for the little one. In addition there can be some cultural aspects that may make it more difficult to bring up.  This

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LittoLingo has a Free Webinar entitled ” Decreasing Parental Stress while Increasing your Children’s Language and Positioning them for Academic and Social Success” Did you know, parental knowledge is one of, if not the BIGGEST factor influencing most delayed children’s language? YOU can be taught how to improve your child’s language in no time! Join me

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“The New Normal”, that’s what they’re calling it.   A way of living and adapting while coexisting with COVID-19: AND IT IS HARD.  It’s hard for us as parents and it is hard for our children too. Things are different now and with that can come feelings of insecurity and anxiety for all. Every time I

Improve your child's language

at a young age so they can share their most inner thoughts and excel academically

At LittoLingo, we are invested in the success of all children through improved language capabilities. We’re decreasing parental stress, improving academic excellence and increasing social success for babies, infants, toddlers and children. Find out how.
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