Benefits of Teaching Baby Signs to your Infant or Toddler


Have you considered teaching your toddler baby signs?

Baby signs are gestures used to communication with a young child who typically is not speaking yet. This is not a genuine language like actual sign language, and most likely is used by families who are not members of the Deaf community.

Babies are able to begin using these gestures as early as 5 months. This is before most children are able to communicate verbally. By teaching this way of communication, you are allowing your child the opportunity to convey their wants and needs to those in their environment.

By teaching baby signing, there is a possibility there will be less tantrums because your infant is able to communicate with their environment and in turn is less frustrated.

Children who are taught baby sign language often have a larger vocabulary and speak earlier than those who are not taught these gestures.

There is some research that supports there are long term cognitive benefits of teaching baby signing to your child.

When deciding which signs to pick for your family, determine what you think is most important for your home and family. Words such as: “help”, “eat”, “drink”, “more” and “all done” are common first gestures taught.

3 Steps to Start Signing With Your Baby

  1. Use simple signs during every day routines focusing on three different words/signs. Say the words slowly and clearly as you make the signs. Words for objects are the easiest to start with because you can immediately show what your sign means.
  2. Practice signing to your baby often and ask others in their environment to use the signs. The more you repeat these signs, the more likely your child will begin to understand and utilize these gestures.
  3.  Consistently use signs when talking to your infant. It may take approximately two months of signing before your baby might begin signing  Don’t be discouraged if baby doesn’t sign back, it may just take some more time.

Have you noticed the benefits of baby sign in your home?

Let me know in the comments.


Here is a post from my Instagram for more tips:


There are more methods to get your child talking in my video series:


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