Did you see, the nation’s first Youth Poet Laurette, Amanda Gorman, present her beautiful poem, “The Hill We Climb”, at yesterday’s inauguration? She has gone viral with all of her life accomplishments mixed with Black Girl Magic!

Watching Amanda reminded me why I became speech language pathologist and later founded The Littolingo Company. Miss Gorman was diagnosed in kindergarten with auditory processing and articulation disorders. Despite these challenges, her mother an educator instilled in her to not let her learning differences be a hindrance to obtaining an education, and she didn’t! She is a Harvard University graduate! Joan Wicks (my sorority sister oo-oop) says “Every child has a gift, it just has to be discovered,” she believes “Where there’s a deficit, there’s a place where the child makes it up.”

Parent involvement is key to academic success and having a child with advanced language.

Are you concerned with your young child’s language vocabulary and want to be an advocate for him or her? If so, let’s chat. Use the “contact us” and send a message. 




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