Improve your child's language capabilities

with accessible education

We are empowering parents to grow, improve and develop their child’s ability to communicate effectively through empowered change.

Improve your child's language capabilities

with accessible education

We are empowering parents to grow, improve and develop their child’s ability to communicate effectively through empowered change.

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We bring a

Personal approach

By empowering parents to grow their child’s communication ability through creative evidenced-based activities, interpersonal private groups, fun parent-to-child guidelines, and access to other pediatric professionals. At LittoLingo, we’re decreasing parental stress, improving academic excellence and increasing social success for your child.

Routines that

help build language

Our creative courses for parents are designed to create a holistic approach to improving your child’s language capabilities and reaching developmental milestones timely by building a fun yet successful learning environment for you and your child. Find the best courses for your child with us.

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Know what your

Child needs

Successfully improving your child’s language capabilities may require a more detailed approach. If you need more information about our carefully crafted coaching and consulting program or simply have a question, reach us here.

Improve your child's speech

at a young age so that they can fit in and excel academically

At LittoLingo, we are invested in the success of all children through improved language capabilities. We’re decreasing parental stress, improving academic excellence and increasing social success for

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0 to 12 Months

Cooing, babbling and smiling are key communication milestones for little ones in this age group. Babies are soaking up everything that is said and done around them. It is important that parents provide opportunities to set their child up for age appropriate communication now for later academic success.

This course teaches you how to create a language rich environment for your little one using evidenced based tips.
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12 Months to 3 Years

First words, first steps and other important milestones develop during monumental stage including 80% of adult brain growth. Parental involvement is the most important factor in a child falling behind or excelling academically. Research shows a child’s language exposure at three predicts their language skills at 9 & 10 years of age and this can affect their academic success.

This course provides evidenced based tips to increase opportunities for your child to grow to be an impressive communicative powerhouse.
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3 Years to 6 Years

Key milestones such as the first day of school, knowing colors and shapes are important for kids at this age. It is also important that parents continue to create opportunities for increased exposure to words and grow language during this age.

This course uses evidenced based tips to teach you how to expand and grow your young one’s language in a way that adds little to no extra time or prep to your already busy schedule.
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Late Talkers

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Children Over The Age Of 2

Late talkers have more temper tantrums than children due to their limited ability to express themselves. Later in life, children who are late talkers often struggle academically and have more encounters with authority figures such as principals and police officers. These factors can increase parental and family stress, worry, and fear.

LittoLingo uses proven techniques to help you create an environment that increases language exposure and assists in reaching language milestones timely. *( If your child has a diagnosis such as Autism, this course can also give you tips on how to create language rich environments no matter your child’s neurodiversity.)
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We know

the challenges mothers face.

Hello, I’m Uchenna “Uche” Udobi, MS, CCC-SLP, a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) from Houston, TX and the founder of LittoLingo. My company is designed to help parents grow their child’s communication ability, decrease parental stress, while improving academic and social success. I have well over a decade of experience in helping children improve their communication skills. I have a Master of Science degree in Communication Disorders from Lamar University, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from The University of Texas at Austin.
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What else? I’m also certified by the American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA) and I’m licensed by the Texas State Board of Examiners for Speech Language Pathology.  I’m a member of the 2020 Language in Infants through Preschoolers Topic Committee, where I will review and rate the latest research proposals for the annual conference for the American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA). The professional association for speech–language pathologists, audiologists, and speech, language, and hearing scientists in the United States and internationally. I’m so happy you are here! Let’s work together.
What parents like you say


Uche was my son’s speech pathologist when he was 3- 4 years old. She gave great tools to use at home, and now my child is an award winning competitor in UIL impromptu speech and storytelling. He consistently places 1st or 2nd each time. Parents should not hesitate purchasing her course. You will be happy you did.

Mr. Micheal – Former Client

This year, I consulted with Uchenna on how to get my daughter to talk more. Within a few weeks, my girl began speaking, and not she talks non stop! It is such a joy to hear her voice! I could not believe how quick, easy and effective the results were.

Mrs. Tinsley – Former Client

Our family is so grateful for the opportunity to learn tips with LittoLingo. Uchenna always keeps up to date on the latest approaches on getting children to talk and parent involvement. She helped us in the past reduce stress when it comes to increasing our little one’s vocabulary.

The Amadi Family – Former Clients

We used the tips Uche taught us. One morning my son woke me up, and read his favorite book to me. I was shocked and so happy! Everyone is astonished by his language ability. His teacher told me she is impressed by his ability to express himself in Show-and-Tell and his communication skills are the most advanced in his class. We are so glad we found LittoLingo!

The De La Rosa Family – Former Clients

The most accessible education

That improves your child's language capabilities

We are ready to work with you to improve your child’s ability to communicate effectively through improved language capabilities. Let’s explore together.